How Businesses Can Improve PC Performance

Imagine getting to work in the morning at 9:00, assuming that you have enough time to prepare for your 9:30 call, but your computer taking 20 minutes to boot completely throws you off track. As a result, you feel rushed and flustered. If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone. In fact, this common problem isn’t…

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Is Your School Protected from Cyber-Attacks?

What was initially something primarily used for business applications eventually turned into something many people can’t fathom living without. Wi-fi has come a long way since it was first made available to consumers in 1997 and is now something that schools across the globe rely upon. While adults have adopted wi-fi into their daily routines,…

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How Should You Prepare Your Business for the ISDN Switch Off?

Over the last twenty years communication methods have diversified. Traditional mail services still exist, but now emails, text messages and instant messages all offer communication solutions. Despite this diversification phone calls are still the preferred choice for many customers when they are seeking information or services from businesses. Often the personalised touch and conferred legitimacy…

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