CEO Fraud Scams on the Rise

Fraudsters are increasingly going after the high flyers in businesses. This approach has seen a significant rise in CEO fraud. In the USA CEO fraud reported by the FBI as being a $26 billion dollar scam. Other stats show CEO fraud is up 2,370% since 2015. This technique employed by scammers has been in use…

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PAT Testing in London

What Is PAT Testing? PAT stands for Portable appliance testing and is a safety precaution that makes sure that electrical appliances used by places of employment, service or hire will not cause damage or injury to employees, customers or renters. There are numerous laws and regulations that state it is the responsibility of businesses to…

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How to Fix Windows Blue Screen of Death?

The dreaded blue screen of death can be any windows user’s worst nightmare. This occurs when Windows cannot recover after a critical error caused by an issue with the hardware or hardware driver software. The blue screen occurs when your Windows system encounters a “stop error” message. Otherwise known as a critical failure, this causes…

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A Guide to IT Security Audits

If you are one of those companies putting off your IT security audit, what are you waiting for? With cybercrime at record levels, and new viruses finding their way onto the internet every day, now is not the time to be scrimping on your cybersecurity.    Why you need an IT security audit Even the largest…

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The Ways Hardware Affects Cyber Security

As digitally secure business networks become more important to protect valuable and proprietary business data, owners and IT specialists are giving thought to if they have the necessary hardware to back up all the software tools and security measures that are put in place. Secure hardware is necessary to power a secure internet but some…

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