Remote Work

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Improve productivity with training for remote work tools

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Maintain employee morale with team-building activities

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Ensure employees stay safe online with cybersecurity training

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Improve wellbeing with our health and wellness sessions

Businesses are learning more about the benefits of employees working remotely, but with such a vast number of people now working outside of their regular environment, how can you ensure their continued development, cybersecurity, and mental health?

Computers in the City is at the forefront of the working from home culture and has produced a number of options that bring together some of our best tools to ensure your staff can work efficiently, securely, safely, and maintain their mental health and wellbeing.


- Online training tutorials

- Video conferencing training

- Guided meditation sessions

- Monthly pub quiz

- DSE basic health check


- Everything in the Basic tier

- Cybersecurity training and testing

- Office 365 monitoring and reporting

- Professional meeting tools

- Zoom Pro account and user training

- Fortnightly pub quiz

- DSE advanced health check


- Everything in the Recommended tier

- Quarterly remote Escape Room for team building

- Weekly pub quiz

- Guided exercise sessions

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