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Stress-free Office Relocation in London

Moving offices is an essential part of growing your business – but it also represents a significant operational risk. If something goes wrong during relocation, the business could be offline for hours or days, at a cost of many thousands of pounds.

With so many variables to consider – networking, PCs, Servers, telephones, power – there is a very real risk of encountering problems. But there is a way to make the transition smooth and efficient – by outsourcing the project to a London IT support partner, namely, Computers in the City.

With over 20 years’ experience of providing maintenance, IT relocation and IT support services to London-based businesses, we are experts at making the process trouble-free.

Hands-off IT Relocation

CitC work alongside your project stakeholders to simplify the process of moving offices, allowing them to divert more of their time and resources to day-to-day operations. Partnering with CitC for IT relocation is cost-effective and stress-free.

Taking Care of Technicalities

Dealing with third parties like ISP and telecoms providers can be difficult if your project team doesn’t do tech speak. CitC can liaise with third party suppliers to ensure that services are switched between addresses at the right time so that your productivity is unaffected – and your customers continue to receive the service they expect throughout the move.

Our consultants will meet with key project stakeholders to assess what is involved in moving your IT to a new location, and the priorities for a successful transition. We will work alongside your own project team to map out the specific details of the move, and how we will assist in the run-up to the move taking place. You will be regularly briefed about progress to keep stakeholders in the loop, providing opportunities to suggest improvements or changes to the relocation plan.

So that your team can maintain full productivity approaching the move date, CitC will liaise with your key third party suppliers to ensure that services transition between addresses seamlessly. We will schedule transfer of telephone lines, Internet connections with your ISP directly so that everything is ready from the moment you move in.

Our engineers will personally oversee the dismantling of systems and infrastructure in your old offices, ensuring that everything is handled correctly, and nothing is damaged in the process. We will also oversee their reassembly once they arrive at the new office. Our engineers will then thoroughly test servers, PCs and network infrastructure to verify correct reconfiguration.

Our engineers will remain on site throughout the first day in your new office, helping to solve any low-level issues that may otherwise hinder productivity. We will also remain in contact with your ISP and telecoms providers to ensure they meet their obligations.

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Making IT Relocation Simple

Moving offices doesn’t have to be a headache. Contact CitC today to learn more about IT relocation services, and how we can make the process stress-free.