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Managed IT Support to Keep Your Business Running Smoothly

Computers in the City is a leading managed services provider that delivers technological solutions to enhance business performance. We ensure that your operations are faster and more efficient, with all IT services effectively managed. As a prominent managed services provider serving London and South East, we offer a full range of IT support services that will have a transformative impact on your business.

Most businesses have a wide range of IT processes within their operations. Managed IT services are a way that the various functions can be passed to the people who specialise in these fields. This can be hugely beneficial to all kinds of organisations, as they reduce costs, streamline operations, strengthen the security framework and provide an improved customer experience. Managed IT service providers are different to IT outsourcing services as they state the terms of their contracts in a Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Fast Response

There are certain situations that need to be resolved on an emergency basis. We appreciate when something is high priority and we are ready to provide quick turnaround times when you are in a bind.

Proactive IT Support & Monitoring

Identifying and fixing issues early on is critical to reducing effects on business productivity. Our engineers are always optimising and monitoring your infrastructure to reduce risk and help you realise greater returns on IT investment.

In a single organisation there may be thousands of different IT assets, which leads to an intricate IT system that can be cumbersome to manage. In some cases, this is handled by IT solutions that are provided directly from the vendor, without any support or management. When IT solutions are poorly managed or not implemented with the entire system in mind, additional expertise will be needed to ensure everything can work in harmony.

With managed IT services, all IT projects can be correctly planned, managed, implemented and supported. This is helped by cloud computing technologies, such as Software as a Service (SaaS) in which software is hosted on the cloud and provided on a subscription basis. Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) are other technologies that give users the freedom to manage applications and data. By leveraging these cloud technologies, managed IT services mean businesses can be much more efficient and scalable.

Managed IT Services You Can Rely On

Cybercrime is a dangerous threat to business, and the frequency of cyber attacks is increasing by the day, while the seriousness of the damage that they cause is also on the rise. It is essential for all organisations to take every available measure to combat the potential threats, and make sure that all employees are trained in cybersecurity concepts and protocols. Security services from Computers in the City include network security, encryption, firewall and antivirus, which are all essential to business operations. We apply the highest measures of cybersecurity to ensure that our clients are always fully protected.

Businesses of all sizes usually require a corporate IT network for the running of operations. This means that all of the routers, servers, hardware, switches, cables and wireless access points need to be properly configured. When any part of the network becomes damaged then operations can be considerably slowed, or in the worst case scenario, data breaches will occur. Computers in the City is dedicated to optimal network design and configuration, and we regularly monitor networks and review performance.

Since 2018, the E.U. and the U.K. has been subject to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which is aimed at protecting the data privacy of consumers. These regulations are strict and far reaching, and when they are not followed heavy penalties are incurred. It is now essential to ensure that your business always meets compliance, and this will also lead to better practices in data management and data protection. Computers in the City specialises in all GDPR issues, and we make sure our clients are completely GDPR compliant.

All businesses need to maintain clear frameworks of regular backups and disaster recovery. Failure to do so can result in data loss, which can be hugely damaging both financially and to business reputation, and also lead to legal complications. Data losses can be caused when data is not properly organised and monitored. A clear policy for data backups and recovery must be established and closely followed. Computers in the City is able to run a comprehensive audit and then implement the necessary backup and recovery solutions.

How We Excel as a Managed Services Provider

We are one of London’s best managed services providers, and we show this by making sure that every one of our clients is responded to directly, and all of their IT needs are provided for.


Technology can be difficult to explain at the best of times, but we are able communicators who can make advanced concepts easy to understand.


With a workforce of highly talented employees that specialise in different areas, we have the skills and experience to confront every IT-related issue.


With our expertise in IT security and wide range of available security solutions, we can reduce your exposure to threats and ensure you stay within compliance.


Whatever your particular needs are, we are flexible and able to develop strategies accordingly that will deliver growth and scalability.

Our managed IT services are among the most sought after in London by businesses looking for peace of mind in the running of their IT systems. Contact us today for a free consultation where we can explain how we can meet the needs of your company.

FAQs for Our Managed Services

Managed service providers are able to reliably manage the vital IT assets of an organisation, taking into consideration the specific business strategy and direction. They improve performance by providing workflow analysis, and offer security protection through the management of critical applications and the monitoring of IT infrastructure activity. Managed IT solutions can be cloud-based for greater convenience and speed, and most IT functions can be provided for in this way. Managed service providers focus on important operational issues, and they allow business management to engage with their business core.

There are various ways to assess a managed services provider before engaging in business with them. Experience is an important factor in success, and positive client testimonials, references and endorsements will go some way to proving this. Success is also shown through performance metrics, which may include response rate, lead time or satisfaction rate. Location is also important to many businesses as this will affect the response time for on-site visits. Managed service providers also need to be able to prove they can listen to your particular business needs and provide the best strategies. They should be aligned with your core business values and provide a service that reflects this.

Managed service providers are experts in all IT-related issues and are able to keep track of the most recent developments in technology, and update accordingly. This means they utilise state-of-the-art solutions that will make your processes more efficient and competitive. In addition to this, managed IT services allow you the time to work on improving your operations and driving growth. The chance to make significant savings in different areas is another advantage, and MSPs can also promise to make IT support available on a round-the-clock basis.

Outsourced IT service providers are similar to managed service providers in that they both provide IT services which organisations cannot handle by themselves. Outsourced IT service providers usually operate on a more casual basis and sometimes without a contract. MSPs work from a Service Level Agreement (SLA) that is agreed upon by both parties. There is the extra advantage that they are able to seamlessly manage all of the outsourced IT services from a single location, which eliminates redundant processes and reduces the pressure on internal departments. In this way, managed services will increase efficiency and streamline the operations of your business.

With security as a high priority IT service, the best managed services providers are able to apply recent security measures that ensure your organisation is protected against cyber threats. MSPs are able to run security scans and tests so potential threats can be identified before they can cause any damage. They are also able to implement the most suitable firewall, antivirus, encryption and email security solutions that protect against possible dangers. All other IT services are carried out with security in mind, so your business will always be protected.

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