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Cyber Security Services to Protect Your Business

As data becomes your most valuable corporate asset, cyber security increases in importance. Your business has a legal and ethical duty to protect sensitive intellectual property and personal data belonging to customers.

With so many factors to consider – firewalls, servers, desktop computers, mobile devices, Cloud applications – it becomes extremely difficult to manage them all. Time and resources spent on ineffective security provisions is a waste of budget that could be better spent on strategic projects to help grow your business.

Computers in the City (CitC), your IT support provider, can help to reduce your overheads and improve security provisions. Our team of highly experienced cyber security engineers have worked with London businesses like yours for over 20 years, maintaining and improving defences to keep their corporate data away from hackers and criminals.

Securing Your Data Now – And in To the Future

Cybersecurity is a constantly evolving discipline. By partnering with CitC we can ensure that your business is always one step ahead of cybercriminals – and that your data is protected against loss or theft.

Secure Your Data in the Cloud

Overcome the uncertainties of data security and Cloud services with a full system audit. CitC will help you understand the services in use, and where there are potential issues that need to be addressed to maintain the highest standards of security.

Maintaining the integrity of your network is essential to protecting sensitive data. CitC engineers can help strengthen perimeter defences by ensuring firewalls are correctly configured, or helping to specify upgrades that offer superior functionality and protection. We can also provide strategic advice for your IT strategy, ensuring that security becomes a key factor in your plans for the future.

Desktop PCs and laptops remain the most common source of cyber security issues. By infecting computers inside your network, criminals can steal information, extort ransoms, or take crucial systems offline. CitC can help your business strengthen endpoint security, and streamline the process of deploying secure antivirus software to reduce the risk of infection, outage or disruption.

As part of your obligations under the General Data Protection Regulation, secure personal data must not be recoverable by third parties. By deploying data encryption, you can protect sensitive information inside and outside your network, rendering it useless in the event it is stolen. CitC security consultants can help specify the best encryption options for your network, as well as deploying and managing them for ongoing protection.

The average European organisation now uses more than 1000 Cloud services – and not all of them have been officially approved. This use of shadow IT represents a significant security risk because the IT team is unaware of their existence. CitC can help resolve this confusion by conducting a full Cloud systems security check. This not only documents all the services being used by your business, but also provides strategic advice on how best to secure data stored in each service – or to create a coherent Cloud strategy for the future.

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