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Reliable, Secure Telephony Systems for London Businesses

Despite the explosion of new communications channels – email, social media, instant messaging – many customers still prefer the telephone. Telephony remains a vital channel for keeping in touch with colleagues – particularly as businesses move towards a more flexible operating model with increasing numbers of employees working off-site.

Your business needs a reliable, fully-functioned telephone system that will flex and grow as you do. And which will help to keep your phone bills as low as possible.

Computers in the City (CitC) has been working with London businesses for more than 20 years, providing installation, support and maintenance services for their VoIP phone systems.

Scalable Telecoms Systems

Because hosted VoIP phone systems are billed on a per user or per extension basis, you never pay for additional, unused capacity “just in case” it is needed at some point in the future. Extra extensions can be added and removed within seconds too, so the phone systems scales as quickly as your business.

Future Proof Telephony

Built on Cloud technologies, your VoIP phone system can be upgraded instantly to add new features and functions as they become available. Unified communications also offers new ways for your business to connect with customers and colleagues, ensuring the message always gets through.

The telecoms needs of your business will change as your business flexes and grows – and you need a platform capable of keeping pace. From a handful of seats, to several thousand extensions, CitC can recommend a telephony solution to fit.

Our consultants can also carry out deployment of telephone handsets, hardware and control software, ensuring everything is completely ready to use. We also provide ongoing support to keep your phone  system operating optimally.

Modern telephony extends far beyond the phone handset on your desk. Unified communications systems provide a single point of contact for your employees that extends over a range of devices and applications. An incoming phone call can be routed seamlessly to their mobile for instance, or a voicemail can be forwarded as an email attachment.

Email and instant messaging support add further connectivity options, so that all of your employees can be contacted at all times.

VoIP telecoms systems offer distinct advantages over traditional ISDN, not least a significant reduction in cost. Where ISDN relies on a specialist connection, VoIP telecoms can be transmitted securely across standard, low-cost broadband connections.

This secure routing means that many calls between similar systems are completely free, helping to further reduce phone bills. CitC consultants will help you understand the various options and how they are best deployed to make maximum savings.

Knowing how your phone system is being used will also help to plan for future expansion or cost savings opportunities. Our experienced telecoms engineers can assist with configuring call reports and routing groups to help maximise productivity and reduce wastage.

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Future Proofing Your Telephony

Contact CitC today to discuss your telecoms future and how we can help build a flexible, low-cost VoIP platform to assist.