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IT Consultancy to Help Your Business Grow

Modern technology has the potential to radically transform your business – if applied correctly. The right IT infrastructure will ease your operational headaches while the wrong systems will make them worse.

The challenges you face are similar across the industry – how do we achieve GDPR compliance? How can we better secure our data? How will our systems grow in line with business demands? How does the Cloud fit into our business strategy?

If your business doesn’t operate in the IT sector, answering these questions will be difficult. Or impossible. Without the right knowledge and expertise your IT infrastructure will suffer – holding your business back and increasing operating costs as you divert time and resources into fighting fires.

But there is a better way – IT consultancy services from Computers in the City.

Our expert consultants can provide all the help, advice and resources your business needs to build a system that overcomes each of these challenges. Our IT consultancy services will prepare your organisation to meet the challenges of the changing marketplace profitably.

IT Consultancy Solutions for Your Technology Challenges

Our consultants will help your business use new and existing technologies more effectively to reach strategic growth targets. Let us take care of the technical details while you reap the benefits.

Make the Most of Your IT Assets

Our engineers can troubleshoot IT problems, tuning infrastructure to provide maximum value and efficiency from your existing hardware and software. We can also help define a strategic roadmap, planning future upgrades and migration to Cloud services.

Let our IT consultancy help with:

Data is one of your most valuable business assets, and it needs to be properly protected. The threat of massive fines for breaching the General Data Protection Regulation are a further incentive for strengthening defences. Our expert security consultants can help audit and test your security systems, and advise on potential improvements and enhancements to boost protection.

Cloud computing offers virtually unlimited capacity for growth – without capital spend. Our IT consultants will help you understand the available services, and how they can be applied to your IT strategy moving forwards.

Availability of data following a major system outage could be the deciding factor in your business survival. CitC consultants will help design and implement a backup and recovery system that will help your business survive a disaster – and get back up-and-running within a matter of minutes or hours.

In the information age, the speed at which you can access data has become a competitive advantage. Our expert network consultants can advise on how to improve bandwidth and availability, and to troubleshoot issues that affect performance.

Allow our team of experts to simplify the process of moving office. Our engineers will arrange for transfer of hardware and network infrastructure, and liaise with your telecoms provider to ensure Internet, phones and IT are ready the moment you move in.

Allow us to help identify and fix long term, low-level issues that could be limiting productivity or preventing your staff reaching their full potential. An expert IT support company like Computers In The City can provide IT consultancy for any of the most popular operating systems, applications and systems businesses in London use.

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