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Keep Data Moving With Network Services From CitC

Your network is the backbone of data operations within the business. Inefficiencies and outages will have a knock-on effect on productivity – can you really afford to be working below capacity?

Computers in the City’s network services will help your business regain control of the corporate network, and extracting maximum benefit from your investments. We tune switches, routers and WiFi access points to deliver intelligent networking, ensuring mission-critical systems continue to perform optimally.

Looking to the future, our network consultants can also help develop an infrastructure strategy that will plan future growth and expansion to suit the changing needs of your business IT support. Let us help you plan for increasing bandwidth to meet the challenge of ever-larger data stores, or for a more mobile workforce.

As BYOD becomes a significant aspect of your operations, the number of potential attack points open to cybercriminals increases exponentially. CitC can help build a WiFi network that scales to support more mobile devices, and which has been properly secured to protect corporate data from loss or theft via your employees’ personal smartphones, tablets and laptops.

Based in central London, we are your local Computers In The City for all things networking, from general network maintenance and support, through to creating a strategic plan to manage the growth of your network most effectively. With over 20 years experience providing advice and guidance to businesses in Central London, our expertise speaks for itself.

Get The Most From Your Network

Our engineers are available to manage, support and maintain every aspect of your network infrastructure. We will ensure that systems perform optimally, and that data is properly secured against potential loss or theft without affecting bandwidth and performance.

Preparing For The Future

Demands on bandwidth will only increase as your business stores and processes more data. CitC network consultancy will help you maximise current systems and plan for cost-effective future expansion that will support the changing needs of your business.

Ensure that your network switches, routers and WiFi access points are properly configured with network consultancy services from CitC. Our engineers will audit your existing infrastructure, discuss your specific network needs, and apply those settings to improve efficiency. We also provide ongoing management and support services to keep data moving smoothly and securely across your organisation. CitC is your network support and management team.

Need to install additional network points? Upgrade the bandwidth of your cabled network? Or to increase WiFi coverage? Let our highly experienced network engineers take over. Not only will you free up your own IT resources for other projects, but you can be sure that new infrastructure is fully optimised to meet your IT needs.

Arguably your most valuable asset, data needs to be protected from loss, theft and leakage – especially when considering the penalties of breaching the General Data Protection Regulation or PCI DSS framework. CitC network security consultants will analyse your network security provisions, including firewalls, and help to define a strategy for better protecting all of your information assets. And if you need help troubleshooting security settings, or to recover from a cyberattack, we’re always here to help.

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