Key Reasons to Do System Updates

Successful Business Management

System updates are a vital part of any successful business, and they perform two main functions – keeping your systems secure and efficient. With up to date systems you can perform your business as usual and use all your critical business apps without interruption.  

The two main kinds of system updates you will need to run are for your operating system and your program software.

As tech evolves at a rapid pace, your business will need to invest in new hardware devices and software regularly but the cost is worth it and the alternative can be disastrous. Data breaches are becoming more common as cybercriminals mount more attacks on organisations – and the cost and damage is becoming greater.  

Here are just a few of the reasons why you need to keep performing system updates.

Helps Business Performance

If you want to maintain and over time increase your current level of productivity you need to have the technology and fast performing systems to back up those aims. Here are a few key points to consider around productivity. 

  • Boost Efficiency – Updating your systems to allow work and collaboration from a range of devices improves efficiency and productivity. It’s likely improving both of these areas will result in greater business profits.  
  • Employee Productivity – Employees can process work faster and keep greater focus when their systems do not lag. For this you need fast CPUs and hard drives. 
  • Reduce Overall Costs – While new systems might cost money to buy, older systems require more maintenance costs. In the long run you will save you both time and money with improved systems.

 System Updates Improve Security

It’s a surprising fact, but UK business’ lost around £13 billion in 2019 due to cybercrime. 

The best way to combat the rise in malware and viruses is to keep devices and software up to date. Utilising software that can detect phishing, malicious code, and junk mail is vital. 

The vast majority of devices run one of the popular operating systems, Windows, Mac, iOS or Android. As a result cybercriminals detect vulnerabilities in these operating systems, and they become known flaws that can be exploited.  

By updating software and applications you get the fixes for these known vulnerabilities making it much harder for hackers. 

More Memory

Updating your system RAM and virtual memory is another key update you can make to your systems. The entire system relies on its memory so its an obvious way to improve performance.  

Here’s an example of how it works. Imagine you are working on multiple apps at once and have a lot of data stored, plus you have apps constantly running in the background. This is going to be taxing on memory and as software changes and evolves to become better it need more power to perform at its best. This quick system update can stop your computer from lagging or crashing all together. 

New Features

One often overlooked benefit of running system updates is that new software often includes new or enhanced features that the old version does not support. This can be true of both OS and software program updates. The benefits are multiple and include: 

  • Ensures software remains working and supported by the software vendor
  • Better User Experience because the software just works 
  • Makes it easy for IT support to solve issues compared with older legacy applications 

What are the potential downsides of System updates?

In some cases, updating systems can do more harm than good – for example if  the system can’t support the software upgrades. This is why its always vital to back up your systems before making any upgrades. 


So in summary, system updates are performed to improve the operation of your IT systems, improve device speed and enhance productivity for your staff. They also help to protect against cybercrime and potential weaknesses from insider or outside threats. When you add more memory, features, and fix security issues and bugs you give your business the best chance to grow and improve. 


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