6 Outstanding Benefits of Microsoft MyAnalytics

Successful Business Management

In the twenty-first century workplace, the mantra has become ‘Work Smarter’ instead of ‘Work Harder.’ Technology is making work smarter and more comfortable in several ways. Consequently, intelligent people use it for their benefit. 

One of the technology solutions that can be deployed to maximize efficiency in the workplace is Microsoft MyAnalytics. It is one of the dynamic applications in the Microsoft 365 suite. The fact remains that if you can effectively manage your time, you can manage your life well. 

Do you want to know how productive your day to day activity is? Do you want to know what the bulk of your time goes into? Microsoft MyAnalytics is one tool that will help you analyze how your day went, and the activities are done for the day.

What is Microsoft MyAnaltyics?

Just as the name implies, Microsoft MyAnalytics is an application that helps to analyze how your day is being spent, what you do per time, and how you can be productive. The aim of this app is not to make you a hard worker but a smart worker.

This app, formerly called Delve Analytics, wants employees to be aware of how their lives run. It is to help employees take responsibility for their lives even while working for someone. This allows you to see what you are doing per time and how you can make the most use of your time and manner that will pay off.

How Does Microsoft MyAnalytics Work?

As an employee, it is good to evaluate the level of your productivity. It is not enough to go to work and then await your paycheck. It is much more important to see if your time at work is spent judiciously or otherwise. 

Microsoft MyAnalytics can help you with that by calculating your user data based on your usage of Microsoft applications. This application was designed with your privacy in mind, and this means you have your dashboard statistics accessible to you and you alone. 

It helps to track the time spent on some applications such as:

Meetings: It helps track the number of sessions attended, the time spent in the meeting, and your activity while discussions are ongoing. This allows you to know what to encourage and what to do differently.

Email. Microsoft MyAnalytics helps to track email analytics and to determine the amount of time spent on email.

This excellent app is just like a mirror that reveals your work habits and patterns. It helps determine the best methods to get work done and the time you use while handling an activity. It is a way to let you know your area of strength and weakness and work on them to perform maximally. If you want an assessment of your work life, this is the best app to use.

Microsoft MyAnalytics Features

Microsoft MyAnalytics Features are designed just for you. The features are done in such a way that will benefit you.

Your time

It gives an overview of how your time was spent compared to the goal set at the start of the day or week. It helps to provide a breakdown of every detail you never put to mind.

Stay in touch and losing touch

It also assesses your contact to determine the people you have related with the most in recent times. The people you have talked to, the colleague(s) you’ve worked with the most, and those you haven’t related with for some time.

Meeting hours and habits

It gives detailed information about the amount of time spent in meetings compared to the amount of time planned before time.

Focus hours

It also gives you an update of the amount of time you have been able to handle responsibilities committed into your hands without having to attend any meeting. Focus hours are usually classified as being two consecutive hours of not being in a meeting.

After hours.

It helps to give a breakdown of how much time you spend on working on other projects outside of your regular working hours.

All these are determined using Microsoft MyAnalytics’ artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning capabilities to provide a summary of your habits, attitude, and work patterns. The information gotten here will help make recommendations for you on how to be a better version of yourself by doing certain things differently.

Microsoft MyAnalytics Benefits

Designed to help managers track and monitor how their staff spends their time, The Microsoft MyAnalytics is fast proving itself to be one of the most amazing tools for ensuring workplace efficiency.

MyAnalytics can track and measure several things, including workplace indices like time spent on tasks and meetings, emails sent, and time working late.

There are many ways MyAnalytics can improve workplace efficiency. These include:

  1. Improved engagement at work: Through the active use of MyAnalytics, organizations can foster more engaging and useful interactions which can improve productivity and efficiency.
  2. Customized information: While the application is tracking and measuring all kinds of data, it is also processing those data to arrive at personal recommendations for increasing efficiency and productivity.
  3. Enabling multitasking: Through its robust features, the Microsoft MyAnalytics allows people to do many things at the same time because it gives a view of all the activities happening at the same time and indicates clearly, which areas can be multitasked.
  4. Improved Planning: The application interprets data into trends that can be used to plan for future activities, thereby enhancing overall strategy in the organization
  5. Prioritising tasks: MyAnalytics can process data into information that indicates more important or urgent tasks at any time.
  6. Improving work-life balance: By enabling workers to concentrate on high priority tasks, the solution engenders a better work-life balance for them.


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