What is an IT Audit and do You Need One?


‘Audit’ is one of those words that immediately fill many people with fear and trepidation. A senior member of staff or an outsider comes into the office to check up on your paperwork or, in this case, your IT system: it’s enough to send anybody into a blind panic, even if they have nothing to worry about.

When it comes to IT, there are a few different kinds of audit available. A systems audit, for example, will check that systems are efficient and adequately controlled. Similarly, a systems development audit will ensure that any new systems that are being developed are in line with your business objectives and within acceptable standards.

No matter what kind of IT audit it is your business is undergoing, one of the main reasons that they’re used is to check that sufficient security measures are in place. Auditors can expose any weaknesses in your security, and measures can then be taken to combat them.

If you’re at the helm of a SME, and something goes wrong security-wise, you’re going to find yourself in some very hot water. It seems clear that audits are a necessary measure in ensuring your continued success.

What, then, do you need to consider when you’re managing an audit? First things first, choose a good auditor! It might seem obvious, but you need somebody with experience and good credentials. Next, establish what standards you want your SME to be audited against. Having annual audits can help you to do this, as you’ll have something to measure against each year.

Next you need to set out your objectives. This could be that you want to review logging procedures, or to evaluate how at risk your network is to unauthorised users. Once your audit has been completed, you’ll be presented with a checklist that matches up with your initial objectives. This will help you to determine what threats you’re facing, as well as how you can best protect yourself against them.

If you don’t have an auditing system in place, then you could be at risk from a myriad of threats. To find out more about the system audits that Computers in the City offer, along with our other IT support services, get in touch with us today.