The Weirdest Tech of 2015


We’ve already seen that 2015 has brought with it some exciting tech trends and gadgets. Now we’re turning our attention to the more unusual innovations of the year. These are our favourite upcoming bizarre gadgets; will any of them be making their way into your office?


A remotely controlled communication robot, Beam might seem strange, but it could transform the way that we talk to our colleagues. Beam consists of a large screen mounted on a mobile base, allowing employees who are working from home to still pitch in when they’re out of the office. A novel idea, but we do find ourselves wondering why the robot needs to move around. Surely Skype would suffice?

Tao Chair

Long days at the office aren’t always conducive to an active lifestyle, which is where the Tao Chair comes in. The chair’s arms resist when you push against them, allowing you to get a quick workout in from the comfort of your own desk.

Melo Mind

Having a stressful day at work? Melo Mind might be able to help. This wearable tech claims to be able to scan your brainwaves and detect how stressed you are. These readings are then transferred via Bluetooth to an app, which will play you music to relax you.

NEW desk

Otherwise known as the ‘Natural Ergonomic Workspace’ desk, this portable desk is designed to sit upon your original desk in order to allow you to work standing up. Working standing up is supposedly much better for your health than sitting down, as it can improve your posture and overall wellbeing. Sounds like an awful lot of hard work to us!


Hemingwrite is a digital typewriter which allows you to connect to your Wi-Fi and sync your work, but doesn’t allow you to get distracting by those pesky social media websites. The typewriter has well and truly been brought into the 21st-century, and we think we might like it.

So, will any of these weird and wonderful pieces of technology be making their way into your office in the coming months? We’d take a bet on your answer being ‘no’. If you’re left feeling confused by technology, or feel like you need some help providing IT services and support in your SME, then never fear. Computers in the City have years of experience in providing outsourced IT services, enabling you to concentrate on your core business without worry. To find out more, get in touch with the expert team today.