London’s Top 10 Cyber Security Companies

Cyber Security

It was not so long ago that the term cyber security was not relevant to most people in their everyday lives. But the world has been changing quickly, and now it is an IT service that is essential to operations for the majority of businesses. As technology has advanced and opened up more freedoms and capabilities for small and large businesses, cyber crime has evolved to meet every improvement in security and create extra threats to valuable company assets. In 2018, 43% of U.K. businesses, experienced a cyber attack and as many as 99% predict a rise in the next two years. Cyber Security Ventures report that the cost of cybercrime worldwide is predicted to reach $6 trillion by 2021, which is double that of 2015. This rise in the threats posed by hackers and attackers means that finding an IT support company in cyber security is no longer sufficient, but finding one at the top of its game is now an absolute must.

Computers in the City

Providing IT services to London for over 20 years, Computers in the City is a cyber security company with reliable all-round services from virus and malware defence to cloud protection, as well as offering consultation in developing effective security strategies. Computers in the City also offer high quality services in network security, cloud security and backup and disaster recovery, protecting sensitive data and restoring operations in the event of a system failure. An experienced company for IT security services that has an excellent record in client service and fast response times.


A division of the large financial services firm, a number of cyber security services are also offered, with a particular focus on data protection and risk management. Assessment services include a cyber assessment accelerator, vulnerability assessment and penetration testing, while management and response services include implementing cyber risk management framework and security operations centre, and identity and access management. EY works with NIST security standards, as well as GDPR, UK and EU privacy regulations.


This IT solutions company specialises in data loss prevention, to include protection against data leaks and breaches from malicious attacks, and have their own Adaptive DLP tool to ascertain and implement most appropriate level of security. In addition to this, Clearswift also offer services in email security and encryption, web security to protect against malware, ransomware and phishing spam, and cloud security, including cloud email, Office 365 and Hosting.


With long experience of providing IT support services to London businesses, and named CV Magazine’s 2018 Cyber Security Assessment Specialist, Syntax are a leading UK IT security company. The company specialises in cloud threat security for clients with network infrastructure, cloud applications, perimeter network security devices and varied computing environments. Syntax use Humio and cloud forensics to analyse and identify any vulnerabilities and potential threats, and file log analysis as an effective measure to maximise security.


As part of a multinational accounting firm, KPMG have an extra interest in ensuring their sensitive data is safeguarded against data breaches. With 2,000 employees working in cyber security worldwide, the company can benefit from such a wide network to offer services that span all aspects of cyber security to ensure their clients can run a business safe from all possible cyber crime. The company has an office in London at other sites throughout the UK.

Acuity Risk Management

As the name suggests, this company specialises in cyber risk management, and uses STREAM Risk Assessment Manager as its platform for managing risk management and compliance. This allows risk management and compliance frameworks to be configured so that data can be migrated to the platform, and due to the flexibility and user-friendliness of the software, the benefits can be realised without the need for customisation.

Access Data

Another IT support company that specialises in risk and compliance, Access Data also provides services in digital forensics, including digital investigations, analysing computers and mobile devices, and also services in network communications. Access Data uses enterprise search and forensic collection to locate informational risks at enterprise endpoints and review compliance. This enables the deletion of harmful files and the elimination of non compliance at endpoints.


A multinational cyber security firm with more than 30 years to develop their services, Sophos provide services in a range of cyber security areas, with a powerful firewall, an award-winning endpoint protection, AI and automation to provide high level cloud security, and solutions for synchronised security against attacks. Their speciality is in antivirus services, though network and cloud security are also addressed.


SecureData is a dedicated cyber security company with offices in London, Birmingham, Maidstone and Reading, as well as South Africa. This company offers a wide range of assessment services from application assessment to penetration testing and footprinting, detection from compliance monitoring to vulnerability scanning, protection including endpoint security and content filtering, incident response and consultation. SecureData is a large and experienced company that has a consultation division with the name, SensePost.


Miracl is a London-based cyber security company that focuses solely on encryption. The company uses zero knowledge proof and ensures that all company security protocols are updated and free from weaknesses. Miracl Trust is the company’s own method of strong authentication based on knowledge and possession, transcending two-factor methods. This safeguards against data breaches, phishing scams or mobile application malware, and it meets european banking requirements for authentication.

The rapid expansion of cyber security services reflects the growth of the industry, and this also looks set to increase in the coming years, as cloud computing, IoT and mobile applications continue to grow. This puts a greater dependence on cyber security, but as with all security issues, trust is paramount. Companies of all sizes would be well advised to only consider hiring IT security companies that are experienced, reliable and with a proven track record, because in the world of cyber security every weakness could potentially be exploited. And when it comes to company data, every risk must be eliminated.

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