Data Privacy Trends in 2022

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More internet users are becoming aware of the need for data privacy and are looking for alternatives to Google and certain social media sites, such as Facebook, that profit off user data.

Along with this increase in consumer awareness, authorities are tightening data privacy standards, which will become much harsher in 2022 and beyond. Because of the rising emphasis on privacy, organisations must be even more aware of the current privacy trends and legislation.

Increasing Public Understanding of Privacy Rights

Data and privacy problems are now more widely discussed than ever before. Documentaries and social media campaigns are exposing how much information is being captured through phone data, location data, purchases, and other means. Much of this information is provided to marketers in order for them to better target their ad campaigns.

Because of the volume of data breaches published in the news, this trend may have a detrimental impact on consumer confidence. Data subject access requests will become the norm for legal proceedings and people’ rights to know what information is maintained about them.

The Future of Business Is Transparency

According to recent CISCO research, more than half of customers would transfer to organisations with stronger data practices. One of the most significant shifts in consumer behaviours is a need to see trust and openness.

Businesses that take the time to create consumer trust and handle privacy and data protection seriously will benefit greatly in terms of new consumers and brand reputation. This will also result in increased earnings. Putting transparency at the heart of your organisation is one of the most important trends to watch in 2022 and beyond.

Be on the lookout for new cookie laws

The laws governing the placement of tracking cookies on user devices vary from time to time. Here’s the most recent information you need to know.

Permission — Most websites now offer a pop-up that enables users to accept all cookies, reject all cookies, or choose which cookies to allow. This is often accomplished using a pop-up on top of the web page content, giving the user the option of what the site may do with their data.

Penalties – Penalties for violating cookie policies might be substantial. Google and Amazon, for example, were fined £91 million and £32 million, respectively, for employing automated cookies. The fine was imposed because they did not get the user’s permission for cookies, demonstrating how seriously the issue may be treated.

EU Services — If your company operates in the EU, you should be aware of the most recent cookie and privacy rules, which may vary from those in other areas of the globe.

Will Brexit continue to have an impact on UK Privacy Laws?

Brexit has an impact on both UK and EU organisations since they will need to comprehend the UK GDPR in order to function, in addition to the 2018 DPA (Data Protection Act).

Small discrepancies between EU rules and those in the UK may catch out those who operate in both the UK and the EU off guard. As a result, it is essential to stay up to date on all guidelines issued by the European Data Protection Board and the GDPR. 

GDPR and authorities

The EU is toughening up on individuals who violate GDPR laws, especially those that suffer data breaches or fail to secure customer data. Regulations will also contain adequacy judgements made by the EU about UK data protection regulations in order to permit data transfer.

To summarise the privacy trends that will challenge organisations in 202 and beyond include customers are becoming more aware of how advertising works and how their data may be exploited. When you create a brand that cherishes its consumers and their privacy, your clients will appreciate it, and your company will thrive as a result.


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