Are You a Risk Taker or Risk Averse In Business?

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When it comes to business there are two types of people. There are those who do take risks with the theory being that the bigger the risk, the larger the payout. In fact, a lot of business owners tend to use risks in hope of reaching new heights with their company. 

But when it comes to taking risks, there is a lot of bad press about doing this. However, it doesn’t always result in a bad outcome. If the risk has been a result of long-term planning and the risk is taken with hard work at hand, it can work out for the best. In fact, this article by Forbes suggests entrepreneurs need to be calculated, risk-takers to be successful. But it is a gamble that a lot of people aren’t willing to take.

There are arguments for and against both risk-takers and those who are risk-averse. After all, those who do take risks and gamble can sometimes not plan enough and end up losing out while the people who are risk-averse can end up not taking that chance and spend far too much time at the drawing board. 

So are you risk-averse or a risk-taker? Here are some traits that can be associated with the different decisions that are made which can help you to see if you have a risk-averse or a risk-taker personality.

You are risk-averse

  • You are always thinking about the short-term and what might go wrong. You have concerns about the current time and will make a decision based on this before considering the future.
  • You have a real fear that you will fail which can affect your decision to take a risk or not.
  • You will only spend a certain amount and will budget for this amount only.
  • You always like to stay in control and have a routine in your daily life that you don’t differ from.
  • You tend to be apprehensive about making decisions due to the outcome.
  • You will often not make decisions and could be classed as complacent. 
  • You protect your system and have the latest email and web filtering and two-factor authentication to keep things safe.
  • You do regular reports on your devices to ensure they are up-to-date on a daily basis in case anything goes wrong.
  • You hire professional companies to deal with any issues with your systems, not willing to take the risk yourself on fixing problems that occur.
  • You backup regularly and make sure to do this every single day just in case.
  • You are covered with the best insurance policy so that you don’t have to risk the worst occurring

You are a risk-taker

  • You tend to think about the long-term and just consider this when making decisions for the business.
  • With the long-term in mind, you consider opportunities and have visions for what you want for the future.
  • You would be described by others as a creative person and often known to be innovative with ideas.
  • You have a confident personality and enjoy being around others.
  • You are always learning and growing and finding ways to make these changes in your life.
  • You don’t think about potential risks as your company is too small to be at risk.
  • You might not necessarily set passwords or codes on devices as it’s time-consuming.
  • You have an expectation that others will take care of certain jobs in your company.

How does being a risk-taker or risk-averse affect business?

When it comes to business, taking risks is often part and parcel of the role. Starting a business for example requires entrepreneurs to leave a job and then have to deal with the financial implications as well as sorting employees and setting up marketing services. When you are a risk-taker, there is always a possibility that something might spring up from time to time. This tends to be at the start of a career too when there is a lot more to lose. With no certainty that the business will succeed, there are risks to be had. 

In business, there is a range between 1 and 5 when it comes to risk-takers. For those at 1, they might never take risks, they stay in the safety zone and might not grow or lose anything over time. As for those in 5, they don’t tend to think through ideas before taking it. Therefore, they might run into trouble when it comes to the risk. They end up losing money as they throw themselves into large risks with the margins of success far and wide. 

You should be able to use this information to figure out whether you are closer to a risk-taker or a risk-averse in daily life and in business. So are you a risk taker or risk-averse?

No matter what level of risk you take in your business strategy, one are you should not take risks in is the quality and security of your IT systems. For the best advice always work with a leading IT company that specialise in business solutions. 


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